Welcome to DragonCon

A Chimpanzee Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

“Hello, room service, I’d like to place an order,” Chimpanzee spoke into the phone. “Yes, I’d like your banana bread… yes, the whole thing… banana pancakes, banana Fosters, a banana cream pie, banana daquiri and an order of fried plantains. Did you get that? Good, now double it. I’m ordering for two…What? No, I’m not pregnant, my wife is or will be, maybe. Anyway it’s none of your business…What? Pineapple? Why, what did you hear…Oh, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Never mind, cancel the order. Grab your coat, honey, we’re going out for dinner… What? No, not you! I’m hanging up now and don’t call back. The nerve. I knew we should have stayed at the Westin. Whose idea was it to stay here? Mine probably.”

Alma Mater

A Lowland Gorilla Photo by Dušan Smetana on Unsplash

Highland Gorilla kept an arm around Sea Otter as they walked down the hallway, “Remember our school days? The golden days of heady adventure? When every school master was a task master and the school nurse was a battle axe who thought an enema was the cure for everything, remember? The lot of us stuffed you in a rubbish bin and rolled you into the river. Good thing you could swim, eh what? You do still swim, don’t you?”

Children of the Sun

“Get back in here and put your lotion on!” Naked Mole Rat yelled as his offspring sprinted out the door to play. “That’s why their grandmother knitted them sweaters. It’s a full moon, you idiots! Ought to sell them to a lab is what I ought to do. Bah! Precious, little things their mother calls them.”

Top Dog

“I’m still boss, see?” Pug chewed on his cigar and tried to keep both eyes on his gang at the same time. “And it’s gonna stay that way, see? I know you’ve been cracking wise behind my back, saying ol’ Pugsy is getting soft, can’t take it anymore. Well any one of you mugs want to trade body blows with me just step outside an– hey wait a minute fellas, where is everybody going? Aw c’mon, c’mon back, I was just fooling see?”


a panda Photo by Ying Wu on Unsplash

Panda put on her headset. “Operator, number please? Pennsylvania 6-5000? I’m sorry that number is disconnected. Yes, for a very long time. Hmm? What? Why I never without having a drink bought first, Kodiak, don’t think I don’t know your voice and I won’t tell your mother if you don’t pick me up at 10 o’clock. Hmm? Okay, sugar, bye-bye.”