Petrol Situation

A Giraffe Photo by Sian Cooper on Unsplash

“You have got to be kidding me.” The little truck lurched and jerked, sputtered and coughed, then died. Giraffe looked at his traveling companions. “Did somebody forget to fill the tank? I think somebody forgot to fill the ta-ank.”


An Ewe Photo by Ciprian Boiciuc on Unsplash

Ewe adjusted her mask and took out her shopping list. “Oh dear, once again I’ve written a list I can’t read. What on earth is, sasa lele?”

Show Business

A Black Rhino Photo by Andy Martin on Unsplash

Black Rhino peeked from behind the curtain. Lights blinded him beyond which he could see nothing. Only darkness. “There’s a microphone out there? Are you sure the mike is out there? I can’t see the stage much less the mike. How am I, quit shoving, how am I suppose to find the mike? A seeing-eye dog couldn’t find the mike.”


A Wildebeest Photo by Rémi Jacquaint on Unsplash

Wildebeest returned to his room after the blow-up in the mess. “Whatever shall I do? Command hates me. The crew hates me. Do I jump overboard or mutiny? I can see it now, we have a yardarm open, hanging for one? Or would you prefer a good keel haul while you wait?”