On Broadway

A Ferret Photo by Steve Tsang on Unsplash

Ferret, the new drama teacher, watched the students rehearsal for the umpteenth time before finally snapping. “Cut! This is supposed to be a romantic moment. Slow down and say your lines, you bucktooth buffoon, quit spitting them. You’re pitching woo not water balloons!”

Study Abroad

After a couple of minutes of gyrations in front of her professor and classmates, Racka sat back down in her seat sheepishly. “I thought, well, I thought when you said you wanted a Moebius strip, you wanted, well, you know a uh, well, never mind.”


“I don’t need a mutual appreciation society of intellectual elites to bolster my self-worth.” Great Horned Owl explained to her husband as she threw the invitation in the trash. “What I need is a fifth for our bowling team.”

Hump Day

Bush Rat held his head and rued the day he volunteered to lead. “If I had only known I never would have stepped out of my hole that day. Such a promising day turned to mush. Alas, poor me.”


a deer Photo by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash

Red Deer remained motionless believing in invisibility through immobility. “I can see you, you know.” Whistling Duck said. “We’re on a sidewalk. In the city. At lunch time.”