Let ’em fly!

Puffin finished counting his fortune. “Hmph, thirty-two cents. Vegas it is, baby.”

Vacation’s End

Blue-footed Booby and Harp Seal were sharing a rock perch when Booby said, “Aggravating? I had an ex-wife that aggravated a starfish so bad it pulled its own stomach out and threw it at her. I know they feed that way but still. She would not stop tapping on the glass no matter what. Starfish are masters of sign language. Who wouldn’t be with five arms? And every one works as a middle finger! Got us banned for life. Can’t ever go back. And I love Monterey.”

Lollipop Dreams

“We were so poor growing up, I tried to make my own animal crackers,” Southern Common Cuscus related. “I had a rusty razor and a box of saltines. My animals came out looking like they lost a knife fight with a cubist master.”