Targeted Goals

A French Lop

“On Becoming a Knight?” French Lop looked over the curated check list. “Hmm, there should be something I could do right here at home. I’ll get those out of the way first.”


A moose Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

Moose rushed up the stairs to the rampart to quell the panic threatening to overtake the ranks. Seeing the approaching horde, “Settle down and take a post. Breathe for a minute, they’re not even in range yet.”

Special Deliveries

a giraffe Photo by Brian McMahon on Unsplash

As night fell, Giraffe urged the little ones in his care to get aboard the boat. “Time to go everyone. We’ll slip past the city while it’s darkest and be safely down river before sun rise.”

On a Wing

a bear Photo by Julien Juanola on Unsplash

Bear stuck his head into the cockpit. “How much longer once we clear the coast? It’s been a pleasant flight so far but we’re all ready to get out of this skeet target.”