The Story Begins

Thanks for joining me as we relive a golden era of storytelling from the early years of the Atomic Age.

I never was any good at this. — Ponyard Kipling


A Komodo Dragon Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Komodo Dragon opened the door to his home to find his wife had not left the intense conversation they had been having at breakfast. “Thou dost know I have been at mine work all day, truly?”

…and Crime scene!

A Heron Photo by Tyler B on Unsplash

“Now that everyone’s gathered, allow me to demonstrate.” Heron then began a strange pantomime of the crime by taking on both roles of the murderer and the murdered. He exchanged pleasantries with himself and began a chit-chat that quickly swelled to argument, a gun was pulled, a struggle that set the room in disarray and finally a gun shot. “Ah ha! I have it!”

In the Public, Trust

A Jaguar Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash

“If I am to regain public support I’ll need to be seen in public.” Jaguar mused. “So let me find the biggest gala event available for the season. I do hope some of the little types are there.”

Latent Talent

A Nightingale Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

“Okay, so I’m really excited. I have a new tune that I want to demo so, everyone sit, please.” Nightingale waited for his family to get comfortable on the couch. He picked up his accordion. “Okay, here we go.”